The A-1 Concrete Raising Advantage

Concrete leveling is also known as slab-jacking and has been used on some of the nation’s largest dams and other concrete structures that could not be replaced.  When it comes to most commercial entities, down-time means the loss of significant operating profits and that’s not often an acceptable option.  A-1's repair solution allows for same-day use of repaired areas.  In addition, A-1's system is endorsed by engineers and proven with years of successful projects.

Listed below are examples of structures for which A-1 Concrete Leveling has provided solutions to foundation issues.

n      Large-format Retail Chains

n      Gas Stations & Restaurants

n      Convenience & Grocery Stores

n      Parking Lots/Structures

n      Schools/Warehouse Slabs


Why use A-1 Concrete Leveling?

We provide our customers with 50% to 70% cost savings all with the benefit of having no required down-time for your machinery or commercial venue.